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Massage Works to leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud!  It promotes relaxation, reduces tension, and relieves pain. It also facilitates rehabilitation, enhances athletic performances and rejuvenates your overall well being. It is an ancient form of treatment that works to combine both the art and the science of healing to help your body rest, repair and assist its own powers to heal.

Dorothy Diggs, LMT operates her office, Massage Works, in the heart of downtown Portland, Maine. Since 1994, she has combined her extensive training in massage therapy with her background in art and  athletics to provide massage treatments that work for everyone and every body-from infants to seniors and from weekend warriors to professional athletes.  Dorothy has refined her sessions over the past two decades to use an eclectic mix of many techniques to provide you with a thorough treatment to meet your individual needs. 

Whether you are looking for relaxation and stress reduction, preventative maintenance, or are dealing with an acute or chronic injury, Dorothy will customize your session to suit your needs on that particular day. And, regardless of the cause of tension or injury in your body, massage will rejuvenate your overworked muscles and help restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit for your optimal health. In other words, Massage Works when you feel like you need a three day weekend, but only have an hour!

Simply put, Dorothy is the best!  Whether I need work on specific areas for hockey or just a general total body relaxation, I’ve yet to find an equal.  My job is very stressful on my body and when parts break down, she helps me recover quickly.  Dorothy is very well trained and thorough.  She has many different techniques to address a problem.  Her attention to detail could not be better.

~Graham Mink, Professional Hockey Player &
2009 AHL All-Star Game Captain

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