What to Expect Your First Session

Massage Works strives to offer you a relaxing, peaceful, and healing environment tucked away in the heart of downtown Portland.  Once you arrive, you will fill out a detailed, confidential health history form. Communication between the client and therapist is the key for your first visit. We will discuss your health history, your lifestyle and your goals for the treatments and answer any questions you have for me.  Since I prefer to focus on the whole being rather than just a part of you, a dialog that includes full disclosure of your complete health history will ensure a safer, more effective session because some conditions or injuries that are seemingly unrelated can affect your treatment. 

After the medical history intake is complete, I will leave the treatment room to allow you privacy as you undress to your comfort level and get on the table under the sheets and blanket. I will knock before re-entering the treatment room to ensure that you are ready for the session to begin. Your modesty will be respected at all times and you will be draped with the sheet and blanket during the session except for the part of the body part that is being worked on. Most sessions will start with you laying face down so that, if your sinuses become congested, they will have time to clear while you are face up before you have to go back out into the world. The face cradle covers I use are seamless so that you won’t have the usual line on your face. And all sessions are completed with warm, soothing towels.

Each new session will begin with a brief discussion of any changes since your last session. I will check in with you throughout the massage regarding pressure, techniques, and comfort levels.  If you feel any discomfort or if I can adjust the amount of pressure, the temperature, the music level, etc., please let me know so that I can adjust my approach accordingly.  It is your session and your feedback is not only welcomed, but essential for successful treatments. 

Most treatments last between 30 to 90 minutes and can be scheduled as often as you need.  My specialties are a 90 minute full body massage and a 45 minute neck and back treatment.  While some minor conditions may respond to a single treatment, a typical course of treatments may include a series of massages at regular intervals. After determining what your individual needs and expectations are, the frequency and length of any following sessions will be determined.


She always makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Even if it's been a while since I've seen her, she never feels like a stranger.

~Graham Mink, Professional Hockey Player &
2009 AHL All-Star Game Captain


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